Monday, 24 August 2009

Raging Bull

My favourite opening title sequence is for Raging Bull love the slow motion and the way he dances round or warms up stalking a ring alone, with gray shadows and smoke around him to the music which is opera Cavalleria Rusticana, by Pietro Mascagni all go perfectly with the beautiful black and white cinematography, and a refined sense of gritty design. At first I thought the silhouette of the ring ropes where symbolic of bars giving us a clue that he is somehow trapped in the ring or like a caged animal. It's a striking image of a man alone, which De Niro remains throughout the movie.

After researching I realised the Director Martin Scorsese wanted Robert DeNiro’s Jake La Motta a coiled human animal, caged like a note on sheet music; fierce, balletic and balanced to its function. The ropes of the ring are framed like bars of music. Indeed, “give me a stage where this bull here can rage…that’s entertainment.”

I really like the idea of using the main character in the title sequence

oddysey in Rome

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


went back to some early work again and gave it a clean up and added some text using a style I had seen in the film "TETRO" I created depth in the text by using multiple layers using blurs and and movement to create a dynamic stlye. also tried staying true to the angles created by my original work

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


using more layers and easy ease and drop shadow to give it a bit more depth. Not quite sure where am going with this but I do like it even tho it is simple looking to be honest I think it looks like a channel ident

color crossing

another test using this style gonna keep building on it see what happens cos I like the movement in itso may layer some more and keep the movemenet going very subtely


Using the images i previously posted using them as a template for color and layout as I wanted to use the more subtle colors as after some advise I realised I was using to many primary colors that most probably would not be used and doesnt really portray what DULUX are trying to do. I came up with this animation after wathcing the title sequence by Saul Bass for the film "The Man with the Golden Arm" and "The Seven Year Itch" I wanted a kind of nice looking animation but with the simplistic style of Saul Bass with a very graphic layouthopefully creating a more mature look to target a specific audience