Thursday, 11 December 2008

Grant Gilbert

On the 21st november Grant Gilbert the director of Double G Studios came in to give us a lecture on his work. He discussed how he began as a student at Stockport college doing a national diploma them going on to a Degree course in Birmingham UCE but he said about how is work before that was more motion orientated but his degree course was more print based although he said it was good. He told us about how he came back but started in bar work but then got his break when his friend from university phoned him telling him there is work for a company called "Planet 24" on the "Big Breakfast" in the graphics department. Then he went to work for "Channel 4" and he discussed about different identitys he had worked on the rebrand of
Channel 4. He worked on "Channel 4" for 3 years then in 2000 found a job at a place called "Attic" that was situated in New York but he didnt mention work he did there he said he just remebered having a good time. Fter leaving this job he talked about having difficulties finding work so he decided to go free lance and has been ever since which was about 8 years ago. His company Double G Studios.

He explained how much he likes working free lance as it gives him the ability to work with new people all the time and about how he has the choice to start a piece of work then go from one piece of work to another which I think would be good so your work could be influenced by more and refreshing.

He worked on programmes such as "The Word" and rebranding BBC1. I liked hearing about how he began in graphic design an area I began in and enjoyed which I think completey influences my work. I enjoyed the lecture and really enjoyed his work for "E4" I really liked the use of neon lighting strips I love the way light is used in his work turning it into a 3d subject. The process seemed like a lot of fun even a little shambolic and not at all how I thought it would be it and the end result looked very professional and really suited the subject.

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Rick Clapham said...

A very brief review. You could say so much more, about his work his methods and how you feel about it.