Sunday, 25 January 2009


website i have found that use flash and have a very easy to use interface and look really good

another website with an easy to use interface and lets you interact making it fun as you can create lego men on the site

this is a fun site with different activities easy interface but what i love is the way the site looks each page looks nicely laid out like it belongs in a magazine. The colours images and sounds give some parts a kind of retro feel

a site making use of a kaleidoscope letting you interact an create your own but what really drew me to this site was the retro style it looks like its been taken straight from an atari or spectrum game although its not the most exciting site I really like the style

interactive music video

this portfolio flash website is very confusing there is far to much things to press on it as I need more simplistic sites. Although it did attract me and I did like the look of the layouts and the handcrafted look and the way he gives visitors a sense of his personal story and looks like a very personal site

A really good flash site its so easy to follow and has a basic but very nice layout. The way it stays on the on site and just opens the work up like a book has given me some ideas and I think it looks very proffesional. I also like the way it scrolls from right to left which seems to be getting more popular

This site belongs to Zumm-interactive and is a collection of interactive animations using flash and its all using music and motion. The layout itself is very simple and easy to use guiding you through the sites


support said...

Hi about interactive music & video you should try this one:Tronme Music is really interactive and you get plenty of visual effects.

Rick Clapham said...

You could be more analytical about the sites. Are they effective, attractive, innovative and why?