Monday, 27 April 2009

Portfolio site research a site that uses the a really big area to move about in you can go left right up an down I think this is really nice and it doesnt limit you as much. Athough it does take a little time to load up. a basic site with minimal design but looks very nice I also liked the way the details stay on the top so you never get lost while looking through. a really good site with very good use of photography although there is nothing really unique about the layout but his photography and visuals add humour to the site and it minimal design but very stylish and his use of layout text and composition is really good really nice flash site for the production company Park Village as well as having nice layouts hey have a really good brand identity and they use it throughout the site the block colors are always there making sure you know what site your on. Although it does look fairly simple to make and have a retro feel it is very simple to navigate

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