Thursday, 30 April 2009

Rosner and Gascoigne

Damian Gascoigne

Tal Rosner

Two guest lecturers I really enjoyed was Tal Rosner and Damian Gascoigne. The Gascoigne lecture I didnt really no what to expect I had seen his work in animation but this was an area I am not to keen on doing myself as my story telling skills are limited. But the lecture itself was really good and very informal. It was very easy and enjoyable to watch and listen to and you could tell everyone was enjoying it even if your interest lay elsewhere.

I think I kind of new what I was getting with Rosner it is what I expected a lecture to be like. I think it seemed that if you wasnt very interested in his work or methods it wouldnt have been the most exciting lecture. He wasnt as out going and funny as Gascoigne although he seemed like a very nice person but he didnt seem as confident as Gascoigne who is obvisouly very comfortable. During Rosners lecture the room seemed a little more serious I really enjoy his work and working method and really related to methods he was discussing and thought he was a cool guy.

Tal Rosners lecture was very work based he started of discussing the nature of the lecture and how he has got to his place in his career. He was showing us alot of finished pieces and discussing in depth what he was trying to create it seemed more like he was presenting and showing of his work. Whereas Gascoignes was more about discussing his methods. He wasnt worried at all about showning us some unfinished pieces and disccusing pieces that didnt work, animations he is currently working on. He seemed really enjoy the lecture and seemed very natural and confident in front of a crowd.

There work differs alot as Rosner uses mainly live-action and real footage and seems to be more practical and proffesional although he is obvisouly doing something he loves it seems to be dealt with more seriously than Gascoigne. Rosner seems to be influenced more by rhythm, music and composition. Gascoigne seems to have a lot of fun with his work and creating ideas and work methods he seems to thrive of other people for influences his work. Although he probably thinks about music his work seems to focus on the animation.

They both constantly keep collecting research, such as photos, films, images as most designers from all areas will do. Where I think the contrast between them lies is that Rosners designs are very much graphical compositions as he discusses in his lecture the way he treats his work like a magazine layout creating a kind of flow and Gascoigne is very illustrative and I think choosing creativeness over practical and his work very much profits from this.

I think I related to Rosner more as his work method was similar to mine and his passion seems to lie in layouts and compositions and I also enjoy working with music and rhythm and having it as the basis for my designs. Whereas Gascoignes lecture was more fun and I couldnt stop listening

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